With a combination of features that force the user to set up properly and stay tight, we designed The Launch Pad to ensure the user remains braced through the exercise and uses proper muscle mechanics, even when fatigued—allowing them to perform a stronger and safer set, 100% of the time.

The Launch Pad is leveling the playing field for everyone by optimizing body positioning and enforcing proper form, making exercising more efficient and simpler, so that even beginners can feel confident in what they’re doing and get the results they desire. When you can focus more on achieving your goals, instead of fighting the ergonomics of the equipment to get into position, you are able to push yourself harder and achieve your goals faster - The Launch Pad provides you with that peace of mind.

LADIES: The Launch Pad will help you transform your physique, quite literally, through mechanical improvements to all your favorite exercises! This means better and quicker results!

The Launch Pad ensures you're getting the most out of your time in the gym!

Below are videos of some great leg and glute exercises to try on The Launch Pad.