The Launch Pad comes to life.

Muscle Building is simple. It’s not about what you do, but how you do it. Every exercise begins with set up and stabilization. Setup is the key to ensure the muscle you’re trying to work is in fact the prime mover. Stability is the key to efficient movements and hard contractions. The human body will allow other body parts to assist and take over if it senses any instability. Your ability to set up and stabilize correctly dictates whether or not the muscle you’re targeting is the muscle that initiates the movement. Exercise benches aren’t currently designed with these things in mind. Equipment manufacturers have put their focus on perfecting the design of equipment around movement patterns, yet fail to address the most important pieces - proper set up and stabilization. They have taken on the assumption that the end user is exercise savvy and is aware of all the necessary cues to proper set up and stabilization, however, most folks are not, and even the most savvy, if they don’t make a conscious effort to remind themselves, may simply forget. Proper set up and stabilization directly correlate with the use of proper form, efficient biomechanics, and injury prevention. Thus, the production of safe and efficient movements. The Launch Pad solves all of those problems; it creates a platform for safe, more biomechanically efficient movements, where the use of proper form is instinctual and the common injuries less frequent.