Defending champion, Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland, reigns supreme, secures repeat at Iron Wars VII!!

Advanced Muscle Mechanics’ athlete Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland headed back to California to defend his bench press titles at CT Fletchers Iron Wars VII, and for the second straight year, he shattered the all-time best for the competition.

In May, just less than 6 months ago, Brandon wowed spectators when made his debut at Iron Wars VI, securing two first place titles for the max rep competitions for 225lbs and 315lbs on the bench press as well as a third place finish for the 405lbs max rep competition.

Copeland, a man who is no stranger to the competition, answered when CT Fletcher called upon him to return to the Valley of the Beasts and defend his titles. 

For the second year in a row, Copeland shattered the all-time record for the competition, completing 74 consecutive repetitions of 225lbs on the bench, an incredible 10 more than he completed back in May when he originally secured the title. 

After Brandon’s performance with 225lbs, he was not called on to defend his title for max reps at 315lbs, but we can assure you he was prepared!

Just last month, Brandon joined the elite club of Larry Wheels as only the second person to ever complete 44 consecutive reps of 315lbs on the bench press!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more great things to come from Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland and Advanced Muscle Mechanics, we’re only just getting started!

If you’re not already following Brandon, you can find him on Instagram @midwest_kong, Brandon "MidWest Kong" Copeland on Youtube, & Midwest Kong on Facebook, make sure to follow him so you can stay up to date with the latest!