Set Up & Body Positioning

Step by step instructions on how to set up The Launch Pad:

  1. Position The Launch Pad so the top of it lines up with the top of the bench. If you're shorter, position The Launch Pad so the top of it hangs off the top of the bench slightly when lying down for barbell pressing exercises. For everything else, the top should line up with the top of the bench.
  1. Fasten it securely in place by running the straps through the slots on the upper and lower torso sections and underneath the substructure of the existing bench.
  1. Tighten the straps by pushing down on the cam's lever to open the jaws of the cam, pulling the straps through until there is no more slack, and releasing the lever when done. 
  1. Finally, give two firm downward tugs on the loose ends of the straps to ensure it is tight.

Video on how to set up The Launch Pad.

Proper Body Positioning

Proper body positioning is essential for getting the best results from The Launch Pad.

To do this, sit in-front of the lumbar support before laying back to engage the bar or dumbbells. Your hips should line up with the end of the lumbar support, the lumbar support should be positioned in the curve of your lower back, the back of your head should rest on the logo, and your eyes should line up with the bar.

The only exception to this is when you're laying on your stomach performing prone exercises such as a chest supported row, for example.

For exercises in which you will be lying Prone (Face down) with your chest supported by the bench:

Lay face-down on a bench with your chest against it and your arms down to your sides. Place your chin on the downward sloping top portion of the upper torso. Position your feet as desired, based on the exercise you are preforming for better stability.

Animation illustrating proper body position while using The Launch Pad.