Back Training

In any exercise, what you’re getting out of it depends entirely on how you execute, and how well you execute depends on how well you set up and initiate with the working muscle. Before you consider adding weight to the exercise, ensure that you have nailed the set up and stabilization, and you have mastered the skills necessary to perform the exercise properly.

The Launch Pad was engineered to help guarantee proper setup, form, execution, and most importantly a neutral spine when performing back movements. The downward sloping surface was designed to rest your chin on when performing chest supported pulling movements. This ensures that you do not cock your neck back while performing exercises to ensure that you are maintaining a neutral spine, which is essential for safety.

The chamfered, filleted side panels force a user to protract their shoulders before initiating a pulling movement. By doing so, it promotes the proper execution of a pulling exercise, which begins by protracting the shoulders before initiating a pull, followed by pulling through the elbow, and finally retracting the shoulders to finish the pull.
The Launch Pad forces users to execute properly and serves as an excellent form guide for beginners.

In addition, the Launch Pad offers users an extended range of motion and improved isolation in pulling movements such as chest supported row movements with dumbbells, seal rows, barbell chest supported rows, cable row moments, chest supported lat pulls, rear delt exercises, pullovers etc. when compared to performing such exercises on a flat surface.

What does this mean?

Improved stability, form, and isolation of the back muscles. Extremely deliberate and effective stretches to the muscle in its lengthened state and harder contractions to the muscle in its shortened state. Better mind muscle connection, pumps, and more effective workouts.

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