Will Gym Equipment Survive Being Run Over By A Vehicle?

The Launch Pad’s design and construction are what make it so great. 

It was constructed to real-world standards of quality and durability, tested to withstand over 2,200 pounds.

We wanted to do more than just tell you, we wanted to show you—and so we hopped in the car to put The Launch Pad to the test!



We spared no expense to bring you the only the best equipment possible with The Launch Pad. 

We collaborated with an engineer to perfect the design of this product. 

We wanted to design a simple and sturdy product that was durable, versatile, and portable for anybody.

In the design and development phase, we were adamant about using only the best materials available. We knew that when your are dropping hard earned money on a product, you deserve to have dependability and high quality. That’s why we chose the highest grade materials available. 

After testing many different variations of foam thickness, density, hardness and anodized aluminum types, we landed on a design that worked for us.

This isn’t a foam pad wrapped in leather or some cheap upholstery cover. 

The Launch Pad is a superior lifting surface.

We used only premium materials that are built to last.

Its made of high density polyurethane and anodized aluminum. 

These parts are not cheap to manufacture, but we wanted The Launch Pad built to handle the demands of the most hardcore gym goers.

It was designed to be strong and built to last. Once you own one, you will likely never have to purchase another one, The Launch Pad will last a lifetime and beyond.