The Launch Pad: A Comprehensive Fitness Solution. Build strong muscles, stay injury free and improve performance.

Enhance your training with The Launch Pad, the world's first all-in-one, universal exercise support tool designed exclusively to safely enhance your exercise performance.

The Launch Pad is a patented, precision engineered, and portable exercise support system that increases muscle mechanical advantage, improves movement patterns, and reduces injuries. The Launch Pad is a revolutionary training tool that will change the way athletes, coaches and trainers approach strength training. The Launch Pad is a universal training tool for many different exercises and movement patterns. It allows athletes to train in a more aligned and athletic position. The Launch Pad is perfect for all levels of athletes, from beginner to elite. The Launch Pad is a portable training tool that will revolutionize the way people train. It is the first of its kind and the only product on the market engineered to improve muscle mechanics, reduce injuries and increase performance in the gym. The Launch Pad was built to last.