At 42 years young, Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland, will attempt bench press world record this August!

Join us in crowning the new world champion of 225 lbs. for reps on the bench press, AMM Brand Ambassador, Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland, as he sets out to break the world record.
On August 13th, 2022. between 1pm-4pm, history will be made on the island of Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Brandon “MidWest Kong” Copeland will attempt to be the world’s oldest person to break the world record for the most repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press.
Incredible athletes all over the world have performed unbelievable feats of strength on the 225 rep test. Larry Wheels completed seventy reps during the test, Brandon Conely managed to do sixty reps, WWE superstars Mark Henry and Rybak both completed fifty-three reps each, and Justin Ernest, former University of Kentucky defensive lineman, did fifty-one reps during the test at the NFL combine, the most ever completed at the NFL combine, and still the record, to this day. Come August, Brandon will push his body to the limits in an effort to reign supreme over the others who have come before him to display superhuman strength on the test. 
Brandon is a former mixed martial arts fighter, and in his 11 years of competition, before hanging it up in 2014, he won 2 different titles in 2 different weight classes. He also is Judo Competitor and a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, which was awarded to him by professor Pedro Sauer. 
He was introduced to the fitness industry after being featured on Kali Muscle’s YouTube channel and signing to the Hyphy Life Brand! Since then, he has worked with Big Boy from Strength Cartel, Eric The Trainer and CT Fletcher!
Fitness has always been a passion of his, that much is true. Yet this past year was undeniably his most prolific, as traveled to the Valley Of The Beast to compete in CT Fletcher's Iron Wars VI, at nearly 42 years of age! Brandon entered competition for the 225lbs, 315lbs, & 405lbs rep challenges on the bench press. He completed 64 reps of 225, 31 reps of 315, and 8 reps of 405! An incredibly performance which earned him 3rd in the 405lbs rep contest and secured him the Iron War's VI 225lbs and 315lbs Bench Press Titles!
Brandon credits his performance to using the patent-pending “Launch Pad" by Advanced Muscle Mechanics for keeping him injury free through tough bench days! In early may, Brandon was featured in a podcast interview, in which he went into further detail on the importance of longevity, “Before The Launch Pad came out, I maybe benched once every other month because I was concerned I would get injured. As I have grown older, I have become more aware of the safety risks bench pressing poses, but training with The Launch Pad has provided me peace at mind knowing I can bench press safely again -- I highly recommend it to everyone!” he said.
Make sure clear your calendars and come see this amazing athlete defy all odds again on August 13th!