Advanced Muscle Mechanics Sponsors Hulk Smash II

Just in time to ring in the new year, CT Fletcher is back with the long awaited, thrilling sequel to his classic fan favorite “HULK SMASH.”  

In HULK SMASH II, Advanced Muscle Mechanics’ Brand Ambassador, Keven “Da Hulk” Washington returns to the Valley of the Beasts to recount the remarkable tale of his upbringing.

 Keven “Da Hulk” Washington slams and smashes his way through a fever dream of his life story in one of the most epic tales ever brought to video. It’s a story about overcoming the odds, choosing your own path, and the power of passion, even in the face of fear. Inspired by true events, this new take on the original classic is a must-see!

 This short film masterpiece was shot and edited by Brian Khou. 

It premiered New Years Day on CT Fletcher’s YouTube Channel,

Check click the link below to go check it out!